Rotterdam Endurance Beach Sprints 2024

A.R.S.R Skadi Rotterdam and K.R.& Z.V De Maas
Coastal Rowing

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Coastal rowing has made an enormous development in the past years. This branch of rowing sport focuses on rowing in open waters. Because of the heavier conditions, the boats are wider and more robust than the boats used on rivers and lakes. The coastal rowing sport also has common grounds with the sailing sport. Coastal rowing guarantees a spectacle on the waters near Rotterdam.

This year on 14th of June 2024 A.R.S.R Skadi Rotterdam and K.R.& Z.V De Maas will organize a new style coastal regatta, the Rotterdam Endurance Races. These will take place on the beach of Hoek van Holland.

**Due to the expected weather conditions, a last minute location change has taken place and the races will be on the Kralingse Plas.****

The start will be a ‘Le mans’ style start. Competitors run to their boats and head off to the surf to force their boats towards the racecourse. This means a sensational viewing for all spectators, who then will lose sight with the contestants.

By means of Sportvolgen, everone can see the development of the race unfolding on their phone or a screen nearby.



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